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Taiwan Hsinchu District Court


Introduction & Jurisdiction



The court was formerly Taipei District Court, Hsinchu Branch during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. The office was located at 136, Chungcheng Road, Hsinchu City, where the court is now. In 1938, it was restructured as Hsinchu District Court, which enjoys the same jurisdiction as before. With the industrial and commercial development and the growing populations in the regions of Taoyuan and Miaoli, Taiwan Taoyuan and Miaoli District Courts were established in June, 1973 and in April, 1997 respectively for the convenience of the public. The jurisdiction of the Hsinchu branch was then redefined as the Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City areas.



  1. The jurisdiction of the court includes Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County, consisting of thirteen Townships(Chupei City, Guansi, Sinpu, Chutong, Sanchen, Sinfong, Hukou, Beipu, Baoshan, Emei, Cyonglin, Hengshan, Wufong and Jianshih Township)covering a total area of 1531.6865KM2 with 365,528 in Hsinchu City and 436,276 in Hsinchu County, making a population of 801,804 in total.
  2. The establishment of General and Summary Courts

    Besides the General Room, our court has established three Summary Courts which are:

    1. Hsinchu Summary Court:

      Located in our court, its jurisdiction covers Hsinchu City

    2. Chupei Summary Court:

      Xianzheng 2nd Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Located at 202, Chungcheng Road Chutong Township, its jurisdiction covers the five Townships of Chupei, Hukou, Sinfong, Sinpu and Guansi

    3. Chutong Summary Court:

      (No.202, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County 310, Taiwan (R.O.C.)). Located at 202 Chungcheng Road, Chutong Township, its jurisdiction covers the eight Townships of Chutong, Beipu, Baoshan, Emei, Cyonglin, Hengshan, Wufong and Jianshih. The court is located in the central area of Hsinchu City, at the intersection of Chungcheng Road and World Street. To visit the court, get off at the first stop of Hsinchu Station if you are taking the train, and go along Chungcheng Road toward Dongmencheng and Northern Cathedral Church to the intersection of World Street. The court is located on the right-hand side. If taking the car, please refer to the geographical site map 2 (interchanges) which provides a roadmap and directions via the Hsinchu and Chupei Interchanges.

Location of the office building and sections and subsections ext. numbers


Taiwan Hsinchu District Court

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General Reception Counter and Litigation Assistant Section receive indictments, documents and offer assistant service from 12:00-0:30PM


Hsinchu Summary Court

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Zhubei Junior Tutor Building

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Zhudong Summary Court

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