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Taiwan Hsinchu District Court


Tariffs for Survey


Procedures for Applying Survey Cases

Brief Tariffs for Survey (validated from April 23, 2001) For detailed tariffs for survey, please visit the website of the Judicial Yu new window)

Fees Fees (NT$)
Survey(enforced) Survey Survey in foreign language
Less than 200,000 NT$
(including survey of invaluable property or nonproperty)
1,000(1,500) 500 750
~500,000 NT$ 2,000(3,000) 1,000 1,500
~ 1million 3,000(4,500) 1,500 2,250
~2million 4,000(6,000) 2,000 3,000
~5million 5,000(7,500) 2,500 3,750
~10million 6,000(9,000) 3,000 4,500
~20million 8,000(12,000) 4,000 6,000
~30 million 10,000(15,000) 5,000 7,500
~40 million 12,000(18,000) 6,000 9,000
~50 million 14,000(21,000) 7,000 10,500
~60 million 15,000(22,500) 7,500 11,250
~70 million 16,000(24,000) 8,000 12,000
~80 million 17,000(25,500) 8,500 12,750
~90 million 18,000(27,000) 9,000 13,500
~100 million 19,000(28,500) 9,500 14,250
For survey up to NT$100 million, the charge is NT$1000 for each NT$10 million of excess, for excess less than NT$10 million, the fee shall be calculated as NT$1000.

For a survey which indicates direct enforcement, the survey fee shall be increased by 50%.

Fee for Certificates of Survey Reduced by 50% according to the cost of drawing up the certificate.
Certificates of Survey made in foreign languages, or to survey documents in foreign languages and their Chinese version. An extra 50%, the additional fee is be no more than NT$10,000
Survey conducted at night, holidays or time other than working hours. Increased by 50%, the additional fee can be no more than NT$5,000.
Survey conducted by a sickbed or other similar site Added charge of NT$2,000
Certificates of Survey being more than six copies Additional NT$50 for each copy
Out Survey NT$/1,000Hour. A survey less than one hour is charged as one hour.
Fees for transcription, copy or abridgement NT$/200p, for copies exceeding six, the excess is charged at NT$5 for each copy.
Perusal fee NT$200
Translation fee NT$/100~400100 characters
For applying for the withdrawal of a Certificate of Survey underway A Charge of 50% according to the legal fee, less than NT$5,000
  • Release Date:2021-04-29
  • Update:2021-04-29